Collection: Tennis & Pickleball Water Bottles

Water bottles that coordinate with Doubletake bags

Hydrate in style. Complete the look with a tennis or pickleball water bottle that pairs perfectly with your new Doubletake bag.


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Water bottle FAQs

How many ounces does this water bottle hold?

These bottles can hold 20 ounces of liquid.

Are these water bottles compatible with Doubletake bags?

Yes! All our bags are designed to fit multiple water bottles on the inside. Several of our products, like the Melbourne backpack, Parisii tote, and NYC backpack, have exterior sleeves designed to accommodate sports bottles as well.

Can you open the flip straw with one hand?

Yes. You can use your free hand easily if you need a quick sip in between points.

Can these bottles keep drinks hot?

Yes! The insulation on these bottles can keep drinks hot for 3 hours or more.

Is this product BPA free?

Yes. The cap is made from BPA-free plastic. The body is stainless steel.