Meet Doubletake

The Perfect Bag

We dreamed of the perfect tennis bag, one with all the right pockets in all the right places, easily accessible by a long zipper that opens wide to avoid the "big black hole" issue. We craved a perfectly functional sports bag balanced with an elegant design.

Before Doubletake, that bag didn’t exist.

Dove White & Cashmere

Designed by Players

We have a passion for racquet sports, and we take our performance on the court seriously. Our bags and accessories need to look good and keep our gear organized so we can focus on our game.

Unparalleled Quality

Doubletake bags are lightweight, durable and have flawless details - from the quality zippers to the fade-resistant fabric that cleans easily.

My Doubletake Story

shawna krasts, ceo

Learn more about Shawna and how Doubletake came to be.

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