Product Care

How to care for Doubletake bags

Doubletake bags are made to last. As avid players ourselves, we know that bags sit in the sun many, many hours every week. So they won’t fade. The fade-proof nature of the fabric makes them extremely cleanable. So if your bag gets dirty, simply wipe the bag with a damp cloth to remove dirt, sweat, and spills. Feel free to use any type of cleaner. If you want to throw it in the washing machine - go ahead. It will hold its shape. Please put it in a large mesh bag to avoid the straps getting tangled in washer mechanics. Let it air dry. 

How to care for Doubletake jewelry

Doubletake Jewelry is handcrafted with love. As jewelry can be very delicate in nature, please use appropriate care to enjoy your piece for a long time. While our jewelry is high quality, as with any necklace, tugging and fidgeting can cause the necklace to come apart. Long strands should be worn with care to prevent catches and pulls. We do not recommend applying lotion and perfume directly to jewelry and showering, swimming in the pool and sea water should be avoided while wearing jewelry. When not worn, keep each piece separate to avoid tangling and damage.