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Extra storage for your Doubletake bag

Coordinating shoe bags that help you stay organized while keeping your tennis & pickleball gear clean and your shoes protected.



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Shoe Bag FAQs

What's the best way to clean and care for these tennis shoe bags?

You can just throw our shoe bags in the wash with your other laundry. They will retain their color.

Does the shoe bag come with built-in ventilation?

Yes. Shoe bags need ventilation, so our shoe bags come with ventilation on both sides.

What kind of materials is the shoe bag made from?

Our shoe bags are made from the same high-quality and durable materials that our tennis bags are made from. They're fade and water resistant.

Do you offer any products with built-in shoe bags?

Yes. Our ladies' tennis totes and our men's tennis backpack both come with compartments to store a pair of tennis shoes.