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Gorgeous Yet Functional Tennis and Pickleball Bags

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Keep all your gear at your fingertips with our modern tennis and pickleball bags.  Made with real players in mind, Doubletake bags are designed to keep your phone, keys, water bottles, and ball cans in place while providing ample space for racquets and shoes.

Function Obsessed

Doubletake bags don’t just look good—they perform under pressure.  We’re obsessed with function, and have spent years perfecting the minimalist bag.  Our tennis and pickleball bags transition seamlessly from the commute to the court, so you can keep your head in the game.


 "The Doubletake bag was definitely designed by a tennis player who thought about access and organization. It's so easy to get my racquets in and out, and the pockets allow me to quickly find everything when I need it

-Amy Grenier