• Pockets for Everything

    Keep it organized with pockets specifically designed for your tennis game.

  • Designed by Tennis Players

    Has room for all your gear and won't tip over.

  • Beautiful Craftsmanship

    High quality materials that are both fade and water resistant.



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Duffel FAQs

What size bag do I need for tennis?

The right size comes down to how many racquets you carry and what other gear you bring to the court. Our tennis duffel bags provide enough space for four racquets plus three interior pockets for ball cans (or water bottles). Alongside our duffels, Doubletake has a range of size options to fit most every need. 

What type of bag do I need for tennis?

Backpacks, totes, and duffels are the most popular choices. Backpack styles allow you to go hands-free and ride a bike with your gear, while tote and duffel styles are more grab-and-go and offer easier access to gear. Doubletake offers a range of styles, including backpacks, totes, and duffels.

How many racquets should a tennis bag hold?

This depends on your playing style and how many racquets you prefer to carry. Options range from single to multiple racquet compartments.