Six Ways to Customize Your Tennis or Pickleball Bag

Six Ways to Customize Your Tennis or Pickleball Bag

What does your Doubletake tennis and/or pickleball bag say about you? We think it says you’re smart and stylish. Our bags are designed to look gorgeous and provide compartments for everything you’ll need to play your best. So, we’ve done our job, now can put your own spin on it. Here are some ideas on how to customize your tennis bag and make it truly your own.

Doubletake Initial and Flair Charms

Add a Doubletake flair - Game Set Match to make your bag unique

Add some bling to your bag with Doubletake charms. Made from stainless steel with a super shiny finish, they attach easily, adding instant personal style. Choose from capital letter Initial charms or express yourself even further with a charm from Doubletake’s Flair collection.

Doubletake Flair | Charms

Embroidered Monogramming

A custom monogram adds elegance to your Doubletake bagSource: Hector J Rivas - Unsplash

Add the elegance of a custom monogram to your Doubletake bag. All of our bags can be embroidered--just take yours to a local embroidery shop. You'll be amazed at the choices of fonts and thread colors that help turn your initials into a work of art!


Tennis Patches

Add Doubletake tennis and pickleball patches to your bag

Cute Doubletake tennis and pickleball patches add a pop of sparkle and fun. Attach them all—just leave room for those USTA district/state/national championship patches we know are coming someday!

Doubletake patches


Pickleball Key Chains

Pickleball grandma leather keychainSource: Santa Barbara Design Studio

Pickleballers can express themselves with keychains from Santa Barbara Design Studio. Made from leather and stainless steel, they tell the world you’re a proud Pickleball Mom or Pickleball Grandma who loves to Smash, Slice and Dink.   

Pickleball keychain


 Doubletake Shoulder Strap

Duffel & tote strap

Free up your hands with a convenient strap for your tennis gym bag. The adjustable Duffel Shoulder and Tote Strap makes our Parisii and London bags even more versatile, transforming them for convenient, cross-body carry. Available in black, grey and a chic navy/honey stripe.

Doubletake Duffel and Tote Strap


Pickleball Pins

Pkl Party - Pickleball Sunshine button setSource: Pkl Party

Decorate your pickleball bag with these five cheerful pin buttons from Pkl Party’s charming Sunshine button set. They’ll look great next to those sectional pins you’ve earned!

Pickleball Buttons

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