About Us

 A tennis and pickleball accessories company for the modern woman, Doubletake pairs urban sensibilities with savvy design. 

Launched quietly by designer Dale Breen in 2012, Doubletake has built a cult following among fans who prefer subtle luxury over conspicuous labels.  They’re real players who invest in quality gear. 

Spurred on by sales of their flagship product, a convertible backpack tote, Doubletake decided to take the next step as a brand.  In 2017, they enlisted marketing and product management veteran Shawna Gwin Krasts as CEO. And under her leadership, they’ve continued to build online sales, secure private funding, and expand the line.

Their orders have outgrown two manufacturing facilities, and they’re now settled at a factory that crafts products for several well known brands.  As CEO, Shawna has conducted multiple site visits personally, and is committed to working with supply chain players that meet high labor and environmental standards.    

Since its inception, Doubletake has been guided by two simple design principles - clean lines and uncompromising functionality.  The Doubletake player wants the best of both worlds, and the brand’s rapid growth shows that the market is ready for an elevated, uncluttered racquet bag. 


Drawing the perfect tennis bag by hand next to measuring tape

The Melbourne bag began with us, Dale and Shawna. Two women who shared a dream of the perfect racquet bag. One with all the right pockets in all the right places, easily accessible by a long zipper that opens wide to avoid the "big black hole" issue. A perfectly functional sport bag balanced with a modern, clean design aesthetic.

Before the Melbourne, that bag didn’t exist. We know. We looked everywhere for it! Even the most expensive bags lacked the quiet ease-of-use and uncluttered design we were looking for. Since we couldn’t find it, we made one ourselves. In 2016, after three years of cutting and taping together prototypes of the ideal racquet bag, we achieved perfection—a bag that tennis and pickleball players are crazy about. 


Shawna Gwin Krasts, Co-founder, CEO Doubletake
Dale Peacock Breen, Co-Founder, CEO Doubletake

Shawna Gwin Krasts

Co-founder | CEO

Shawna has over 25 years of business experience and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. She has worked at several Fortune 500 companies including Kodak, Intuit and MTV Networks. She has also been a long-time strategy consultant to Google.

Shawna is a well-connected marketing expert with a long track record for growing businesses with a customer- first approach.

When not working, Shawna enjoys spending time with her family and playing tennis.

Dale Breen

Co-founder | Chief Designer

Dale is seasoned in all things design and service. Having spent 20 years working for American Airlines, responsible for customer service, she knows a thing or two about keeping customers happy.

Mentored by her father, an inquisitive inventor with numerous patents, Dale developed a deep understanding of  thoughtful design.

When she’s not tweaking designs, Dale can be found out on the court playing tennis with friends every chance she gets.