Meet Doubletake


About Doubletake tennis bags

Doubletake began with us, Dale and Shawna. Two women who shared a dream of the perfect tennis bag. One with all the right pockets in all the right places, easily accessible by a long zipper that opens wide to avoid the "big black hole" issue. A perfectly functional sport bag balanced with a modern, clean design aesthetic.

Before Doubletake, that bag didn’t exist. We know. We looked everywhere for it! Even the most expensive bags lacked the quiet ease-of-use and uncluttered design we were looking for. Since we couldn’t find it, we made one ourselves. In 2016, after three years of cutting and taping together prototypes of the ideal tennis bag, we achieved perfection—a bag that tennis players are crazy about. 



Shawna Gwin Krasts Dale Peacock Breen, Co-Founder, CEO Doubletake

Shawna Gwin Krasts

Co-founder | CEO

As a new tennis player, Shawna found that her biggest challenge wasn’t the game itself. It was finding a good bag for her gear. So when she met Dale, it was kismet.

Shawna has always loved good, functional design and finds herself trying to make a product better or easier to use. After years spent helping Fortune 500 companies with marketing and product management, Shawna is now following her dream of growing a business of her own.

Dale Breen

Co-founder | Chief Designer

As the daughter of an inventor, Dale has an eye for thoughtful design. She combined her innate talent and love of the sport with her passion for clean, modern design to create Doubletake’s perfect tennis bag.

When she’s not designing revolutionary new products, Dale can be found out on the court playing tennis with friends every chance she gets.



We are actively recruiting for Doubletake's board of directors and will announce our world-class team of seasoned tennis, carry, business and marketing experts in March. We are excited about this big announcement.