Three New Year's Resolutions for Tennis Players


How to make more time for tennis in 2021 and keep your game sharp. 

Whether that ball was in or out is up for debate. But there’s one thing we can all agree on - it’s time to send 2020 packing. At Doubletake, we’re ready for a reboot and are making three resolutions to up our game this year. Give them a read, then tell us about yours. How are you making space for more tennis in your life next year? 

Resolution #1: Prioritize Solo Fitness 

Playing tennis frequently is the best way to stay in fighting shape. But with funky WFH schedules, winter weather, and courts and clubs closing once again, we’re turning our attention to solo cross training. When we’re able to play again, we plan on being in fine form. 

Women participating in workout class.

For those with access to a gym, free weights and machines are a solid way to keep muscles toned and ready for action. If you’re a home workout warrior, HIIT inspired bodyweight circuits build cardio strength and keep your reflexes quick. You can do them anywhere, and most don’t require any special equipment. For high impact, efficient cardio, 10 minutes of jumping rope before or after our workout keeps us on our toes. 

Resolution #2: Build Mental Acuity 

Staying sharp is one of our 2021 tennis goals, but it’s also a personal one. Mental and emotional fitness are imperative for managing stress and pressure during a game. And a clear mind helps you make split second decisions like a pro.  

Goals book with coffee.

Sport aside, we know mental fitness carries over into so many aspects of our lives. Relationships, family, business and ageing (ah hem), are all impacted by how clear and focused our minds are. This winter, instead of binge watching shows, we’re killing time with activities that stimulate the brain like reading, puzzles, and word games. Sudoku anyone?

Resolution #3: Improve Time Management 

Our final tennis resolution is to create a time management plan for 2021. Between lines at the supermarket and life being life, tennis has taken a hit this year. We’re refocusing our time management efforts to make more room for work life balance (read: tennis) moving forward.  

Clock with evergreen plant.

Coined “the busy trap” by the New York Times, we’re not alone in feeling the need to keep up with emails and “urgent” projects outside of work.  Buuuuttt, when you’re in the tennis business, you can write a match off as research, right? Either way, we’re striving to find more time for tennis this year. If that means getting up earlier to run errands or hitting the courts after dark, it’s so worth it.   

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