Phone wall paper with leaves and tennis balls

The Best Phone Wallpapers for Tennis Players

Are you obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Have you already decorated every inch of your home for fall? Do you need a new way to add autumn to your life? Look no further.

Today we’re bringing you 4 Fall Phone Wallpapers for tennis players. These ready-to-download images are the perfect addition to your fall decor and are compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. 

Keep scrolling to find your favorite or download them all to use throughout the season.

Doubletake Phone Backgrounds

  1. Fall Leaves + Tennis Balls
    1. This modern take on classic fall elements is sure to fill your fall with joy (and tennis!) 
  2. Hello Fall 
    1. The simplicity of this phone wallpaper makes it perfect for fall-loving, tennis-playing minimalists. 
  3. Hello Fall Infinity
    1. When you can’t-stop-won’t-stop talking about autumn, this phone background will greet the season for you. 
  4. Fall Leaves + Tennis Racquets
    1. Another elevated classic, the warm tones of this phone wallpaper are sure to brighten your fall season. 
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