What features are important in a tennis bag

What features are important in a tennis bag

What to Look for in a High-Quality Tennis Bag

Players in the market for a high-quality tennis bag should take note. What follows is a thorough scouting report on the features to look for when shopping for the best in tennis duffels, totes and backpacks. It’s all about intuitive design, superior materials and solid construction.


tennis bag interior

Keeping it Real

Tennis players at all levels understand how important it is to be prepared for each match, practice, clinic or hitting session. That’s why the most user-friendly tennis bags have a variety of pockets and compartments for maximum organization of equipment and essentials. A bag should look great on the outside, but it’s the interior configuration that really sets the best bags apart. There should be a spot for just about everything players might want to have on hand before, during and after play.

Take phones, for example. We all mute them during matches, right?  But honestly, we have busy lives with careers and families.  We need to be able to check our phones quickly at changeovers without rummaging around. So, it’s super helpful to have a designated, plush phone pocket that’s easily accessible even if a bag is closed or zipped shut. As for enhancing performance, a well-organized bag helps us seamlessly adapt to conditions which can make the difference between an L or a W.  We love having lined pockets for sunscreen—reapplying quickly is key when playing for hours outdoors. Sunglasses, too, should have a dedicated, protective pocket—it’s not unusual for players to take sunglasses on and off repeatedly during matches and being able to locate them easily, and keep them safe, makes such a difference.

Another feature to look for is a slip-in sleeve that holds a water bottle securely and upright--less likely to spill--and easy to grab. The best bags have places for tennis ball cans and multiple racquets--when you play a lot of tennis, it’s hard to imagine showing up to a match without a backup. Zip compartments for tennis shoes are also a game changer. Everyone knows those Adidas or KSwiss tennies should be worn on court only, but it’s easy to forget. Changing shoes after play becomes routine when there’s a convenient place to stow them. Fans of larger bags should look for a style that’s roomy enough to easily carry a nice size towel and a change of clothes. Wet/dry compartments are also great for stashing post-match sweaty outfits and gear. In addition to big pockets, look for multiple small pouches to hold the must-haves you’ll want to access in a hurry. Think lip balm, keys, hair-ties, grip lotion, Liquid IV packs, granola bars, wrist bands, extra over grips, athletic tape and perhaps that good luck charm you’ve come to count on?   


tennis bag high quality details

Winning Strategies

In tennis, a brilliant game plan must be followed up with proper execution.  It’s the same for equipment — smart design ideas must be realized with the highest standards in mind. For example, aluminum hardware, which is super-strong and lightweight, is used in the construction of the best tennis bags. Strong hooks to clip bags to courtside fences, keeping them off the ground, are another excellent feature. If clipping isn’t an option, many upscale bags have small ‘feet’ to keep them off the Har-Tru. Also look for YKK zippers, a durable industry standard and the choice of high-end brands the world over. Fabrics should be fade- and water-resistant, retaining their gorgeous colors even after hours in the sun, and withstanding the challenges of spills, sweat and sudden downpours. Materials should be eco-friendly and free of PVCs (poly-vinyl chlorides: potentially toxic chemicals used to make plastics). 


Show Up and Show Out

We love the athletic side of tennis—we give it our all on court. But tennis is, and always has been, a stylish sport, and it’s fun to lean into that. There are days when putting together the perfect tennis ‘fit is the best part of the game. Again, this doesn’t mean playing hard isn’t what tennis is all about. Or that style ever beats substance. That said, high-quality tennis bags should be made with clean lines, elegant fabrics and beautiful colors. This way, they can double as purses, are perfect for travel, and can easily transition from courtside to errands, lunches and appointments.

At Doubletake, so much thought goes into making sure that our bags meet the needs of real tennis players. As tennis players ourselves, we put everything we know about the game into our bags’ design, offering a wide assortment of compartments and pouches for the items needed to play the best tennis possible. We also have our totes, duffels and backpacks made to be both beautiful and strong at a facility used by top outdoor gear manufacturers. Our products are built to last, no matter what players put them through — and tennis bags do get a workout, used indoors and out in all kinds of weather, overstuffed (you know who you are) and thrown into car trunks. We included high-grade aluminum, the finest zippers and fabrics and the sturdiest threads to create cute tennis bags that are versatile, stylish, smart, dependable and strong. Sounds like we’ve created our bags in the image of our ideal tennis game (and doubles partner)!

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