Woman with Doubletake tennis bag, sitting on a bench.

Me And My Bag

 When I first spotted a Doubletake bag at my local tennis club, I knew that I had found “The One.” I had just returned from playing a USTA tennis tournament in Las Vegas, where I had to check my tennis bag for the flight. I don’t know about you, but I hate checking anything especially my tennis rackets.  It’s not just because of the long baggage claim wait post-flight, but because I worry about their safe arrival. If my rackets get lost or damaged, it’s GAME OVER. 

At first glance, the Doubletake bag had checked off two of my top boxes: It was both stylish & travel-friendly. It could easily pass as a handbag or a carry-on due to its perfect size and backpack straps. When I got a closer look, the nylon material was very durable and looked easy to keep clean. Check. Then I dug deeper inside and saw how many pockets there were.  That’s when I knew I was ALL IN.

Doubletake tennis bag against wooden fence.

Flash forward to three years later, and I am happy to report my original Doubletake bag has held up impressively. It looks almost new and I can assure you it has been very well road-tested! Full disclosure: I am a former teaching pro/college player/USTA 5.0 player.  I used my Doubletake bag daily when I was teaching, and it helped me stay super organized.  Between my phone, water bottle, tennis balls, extra grips, dampeners, hair bands, lip balm, and sunscreen, there was a place for every random thing I needed.

Just recently, I stepped up to the ivory Paris tote because I absolutely love the style of these cute tennis tote bags. It has more pockets than I know what to do with, although I’m sure they will be filled up eventually. Honestly, I like the look and functionality way more than my everyday handbag. It’s that good.

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