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Gift Like a Pro: What to give your team captain

They coordinate matches and keep you organized. But what to give the captain that does it all?

When it comes to finding gifts for tennis captains, knowing how to show your appreciation can be difficult. Though you spend tons of time together, you suddenly realize you don’t know much about their life off the court. Our advice: Don’t beat yourself up. And keep the gifts grounded in something you’re sure you both love. Of course, at your next match, it’s still a great idea to ask them, “What’s new with you?” You’ll probably find you have more in common than an affinity for yellow felt. 

Until then, take a look at our quick guide to finding the perfect tennis themed gift. 

Tennis captain mug 

Hey, world’s best dad was already taken. But an awesome captain deserves to get pumped up with their morning coffee too. 

Tennis captain keychain 

Add a little jingle to their keyring or tennis bag with this thoughtful captain gift. It’s sweet, not too opulent, and always brings a smile. 

Tennis court clipboard 

For the visual learner, this dry erase clipboard is sort of a gift to yourself. Why should football players have all the fun with Xs and Os?

London tennis bag 

Captains think of everything, and they need someplace to put it. Treat them to a well organized kit in gratitude for all they do for you.  

Roger Federer print 

Give the gift of the GOAT immortalized in retro style. If they’re a Federer fan, this fine art print’s going straight above the desk. 

Personalized gift tags 

Whether you top your gift off with one from you, or give your captain a set of their own, these tennis themed gift tags are pure class. 

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