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In a doubles match, Erica hits a lob. The ball goes over the opponent's head, and the opponent starts turning around just as the ball is bouncing. Neither Erica nor her partner could see whether the ball was in or out, and the opponent’s partner never turned around. The opponent calls the ball out. Erica says that since both opponents’ backs were turned, that the ball should be called in. The opponent says that the ball was out and it is her call.

Who is correct?

Erica’s opponent is correct since players make calls on their own side of the net. 

From The Code Item 5: 

If Erica’s opponent showed any doubt that the ball was out, then the ball should have been called good because a ball that cannot be called out is good. However, in this instance, Erica’s opponent was insistent that the ball was out, and players make calls on their own side of the net. 

In this case, there should have been doubt, but we’ve all played with those who are quite certain of their terrible line calls.

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