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What will happen to the high-five?

Sports celebrations and high fives go together like wine and cheese, yin and yang, or Steph and Klay. Unfortunately, the high five and fist bump are no longer welcome in our new post-COVID-19 social distancing reality. 

Women's soccer team in a huddle celebrating their victoryPhoto credit: Maggieri Guilherme

Few sports will feel the high five’s absence more than tennis, in which players are already expected to keep their voices down and physicality controlled while celebrating triumphs. Whether at a country club, community court, or Center Court, cheering and showboating are discouraged. There are no end zone dances, chest beatings, or shirtless celebrations welcome on the tennis court. 

So what socially acceptable social distancing options do we have to commend our doubles partners? Will even the elbow or ankle bump be too intimate? Here are a few distance moves to try:

  • Racket-to-racket string bump
  • Fist pump
  • Hand clap with racket
  • Wink
  • Smile
  • Quiet compliment of “Nice play!”

It might take a while to find your own personal favorite, and it might not feel quite the same, but at least we’re back out on the court playing tennis and celebrating those little victories in the best ways possible. 

Serena Williams celebrating a victory with her arms in the air
Photo credit: Charlie T

What will YOU do to celebrate your doubles partner on the tennis court? We’d love to hear from you at

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