pickleball paddle and ball next to a present in orange wrapping paper on a pickleball court

Three Gift Ideas for Pickleball Players at Every Level

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  • Doubletake Naples Tote

    Is the player in your life always ‘off to pickleball?’ Doubletake’s Naples Pickleball Tote will get her there in style.  Easily doubling as a handbag, the compact tote holds two paddles and has spots for a phone, water bottle, sunglasses and pickleballs

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  • Recess Grip Tape

    Anyone playing a lot of pickleball will appreciate Replacement Grip Tape by Recess which keeps paddle handles clean, fresh-looking and easy to hold on to, even in hot weather.

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  • Holbrook Pickleball Rewind Paddle

    Players who are serious about stepping up their game will love the power and control provided by the Rewind Paddle by Holbrook Pickleball. Did we mention that it looks great, too?

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  • Doubletake Parisii Tote

    The Doubletake Parisii Bag is perfect for racquet sports fanatics who are always ready to play--pickleball, tennis, whichever, whenever! The stylish, roomy bag holds two tennis racquets, two paddles, two water bottles or cans of balls and a pair of shoes.

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  • Weezie Pickleball Towel

    Fashion and function team up beautifully in this sporty striped pickleball towel from Weezie.  In blue or green, it can be monogrammed for that extra-special touch.

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  • Luxe Finesse Pickleball Paddle

    Serious pickleball players will find it easy to hit their targets with the Finesse Paddle by Luxe designed to maximize spin and power.

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