5 Pickleball Gifts Perfect for Spring

5 Pickleball Gifts Perfect for Spring

There’s nothing better than getting out onto the pickleball court on a beautiful Spring day– especially after a long winter. It’s the best time for pickleball with longer days, beautiful weather, and re-opened courts. But…. What do you gift someone who spends all their time at the pickleball court? We’ve got you covered with the 5 best gifts for pickleball players.



A stemless wine glass etched with the text "designated dinker"

Designated Dinker wine glass 

Whether your giftee enjoys post-pickleball picnics, wine and cheese nights with the girls, or a chilled drink after her match, this “Designated Dinker” wine glass is sure to delight. This etsy seller also offers other glasses with the inscription (pint glasses, tumblers, etc) so you can pick the perfect drinkware for your pickleball player!



Glow in the dark pickleballs 

Warmer weather calls for late-night matches! This glow-in-the-dark pickleball set will let your giftee stay at the court longer, play later, or simply add some fun to her game. Comes with batteries and a flashlight so you can keep your pickleballs glowing all summer long!



aqua and lemon lime pickleball tote

Naples Pickleball Tote 

This Doubletake pickleball tote is a sporty catch-all perfect for keeping you organized on and off the court. It has a place for everything with dedicated pockets for your paddles, phone, sunglasses, and water bottle. It’s effortlessly chic and undeniably versatile- perfect for your favorite pickleball player!



Two pickleball paddles with a pickleball ball

New Pickleball paddles 

This one goes without saying, but every pickleball player needs a good paddle! This roundup of the best pickleball paddles is a great place to start on your search for the perfect paddle (although you might be tempted to get one for yourself, too…). 



A candle that looks like a realistic pickleball
Pickleball candle 

This pickleball candle is sure to make your favorite pickleball player do a double take! It’s made of paraffin wax, is around 3 inches tall, and comes in a cute clear gift box. Bring their love of pickleball off the court with this unique candle perfect for pickleball players!


Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, Teacher Appreciation week gifts, spring birthday gifts, or something else entirely, these pickleball gift ideas are sure to delight your favorite pickleball player. 

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