Woman Changing Tennis Score

The Unplayed Point

Lauren is playing a doubles Coman 10 pt. tiebreaker. As the teams are switching sides, Lauren realizes that based on the last score that was called, the score would now be 2-8. She also realizes that it CAN'T be 2-8 because sides are switched at 1, 5, 9 pts. etc.

She calls everyone's attention to this. Everyone agrees that Lauren’s team has 2 points. Lauren's opponent says that since they agreed on the score so far, the score should stand at 2-8. 

What should the score be?

The score should be 2-7.

From The Code Item 32: 

Since both teams agree that Lauren’s team has 2 points and the total points should add up to 9 points, the opposing team must have 7 points. 

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