Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Truth.

Balance in all things.

Just as our products balance function and style, sport and design, our company balances work and play, the have-to-do and the want-to-do lists. Moderation, harmony, balance--on the court, on the job, at home, everywhere we go.

Happy customers = happy company.

We want to make women who play tennis feel good about their game, on and off the court. We genuinely care about our customers, about what they need and what they want and what makes them really happy.

We get the game.

We are our own target demographic. We get the game because we play it--we love it. And we create Doubletake products because we want to use them ourselves.

A policy of quality.

We don’t just sell our products, we design them. We taped up the original prototypes in our own living rooms. And we’re pretty passionate about making sure they look and perform their best.