2021’s Best Tennis Gifts for Mom

2021’s Best Tennis Gifts for Mom

Moms are awesome. And her gift should be too. This year, put down the glue gun and get her something she’ll truly enjoy. As moms ourselves, we’re the first to tell you that the thought does count. But thoughtfully gifting could use a little reboot. Check out our list of tennis themed Mother’s Day gifts, and grab something special for your doubles partner for life. Don’t worry, she still loves that macaroni art you made her back in the day.

Apple watch 

Like Mom, it’s a classic for a reason. With all the fitness trackers on the market, this baby is still the best. 

Tennis racquet earrings 

Tennis racquet earrings

If she’s a lady who decorates for every holiday, these playful tennis themed earrings are a dose of pure joy. 

Racquet Icon Necklace

A subtle statement piece that looks perfect with a polo, this tennis racquet necklace dials up her low key style. 

Foam roller

Colorful foam roller.

Like any foam roller, this baby hurts so good. With its pretty colors and marbled pattern at least it will look good too. 

Lilian Half-Zip Top

Inphorm pink quarter zip.

Perfect for cool evenings when the fog rolls back in, a practical gal should always have a half zip on hand.

Paris tote


parisii tennis bag

For an adventurous mom who’s up for anything, a part carryall, part tennis bag means she can always say yes. 

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